Warmup Approved Ecommerce Partner

Each and everyday customers search the internet for Underfloor Heating to find out more about what they are potentially going to purchase. You need to make sure that you keep an open mind and not just look for the cheapest product, because cheapest is not always the best, especially when you are using underneath and expensive flooring, because the last thing you want is to install the kits, find a problem and the supplier you bought it from is unwilling to help you. Many do make this mistake, they go and purchase the cheapest kit only to find out too late that the kit they have bought is of inferior quality and does not come with the same quality of fluoropolymer (not PVC) heating cable and guarantees as Warmup.

The main difference between a responsible, trustworthy UK manufacturer like Warmup and other suppliers from the internet you are not sure the product originated from means you are only taking there word rather than having complete facts like Warmup.

Thanks to the Warmup e-Commerce Partner Programme you can now purchase all Warmup products online, with piece of mind and security of knowing you are purchasing Warmup products with all the related Lifetime Warranties, included is all before and after sales support with experience staff who are trained in every situation. The best thing about Warmup compared to any other underfloor heating supplier they offer a SafetyNet Replacement Guarantee, this means that if you accidentally damage your Warmup heater during  installation, we will replace it free of charge - This is unique to Warmup and security and peace of mind to customers.

Electric underfloor heating is a highly regulated industry. Warmup is CE marked and has more proven accreditations than any other product - This mean that more safety tests have been performed on there products than any other product to provide complete quality assurance.

After all everyone wants a sale, but will they be happy to help if there is a problem?