Try Before You Buy

Requesting A Tile Sample

All products on Tile Choice’s website have the option to order a wall and floor sample tile, on the right hand side of the image you will see a button “Order Sample” once you have clicked it the tile sample will be added to the shopping basket. For wall and floor tiles we send out 10x10cm sample tiles so that you get the full benefit and characteristics of the tiles before committing to a purchase. Whilst you are searching our website for the tiles which may suit your home design, we understand the importance of colour variation via the monitor, so what colour we may see could be different to you, so if the pattern is correct but you are unsure of the colour please order a sample online.

Free Delivery

With all sample tiles which are placed online or over the phone are put on a free of charge 2 day delivery service. Please let us know if there are any special instructions at the checkout stage on the comment box.

Price Of Samples

Tile Choice know how hard it is to choose tiles online expecially with the screen resolutions and size of monitors, so with offering a free delivery service, we are also sending up to 4 10x10cm samples for free, after there will be a charge of £1.19. This will give you the option to order a range of samples so you have more to choose from.

If You Like The Sample Tile

When you receive your sample tile you will notice that each tile will have a label specifying what the, Sku, name, and size of the tile is, so if you do like a tile that you have received and want to order online all you have to do is enter either attributes into the search menu, or if you don't want to startup your computer do can order directly with our sales team on 0800 1 560 560 give them the name of the tile and they will process the order for you.

Delivery Of Samples

With the majority of sample tiles we will process them through Parcelforce with the exception of the small 10x10 and border tiles we will send through the Royal Mail. Like ourselves Parcelforce pride themselves on 100% Customer Service and will do there up most best to ensure that your samples get to you in perfect condition, in the unlikely event that they dont then please contact us and we will arrange to get them recent out.