Tile Maintenance

As Specialists, Tile Choice staff is knowledgeable on Tile Maintenance and what needs to be done to ensure your tiles will last as long as possible, and keep their original look. We can offer vast Range of Maintenance products, to suit any tile that we have for sale, we have natural stone sealers for Marble and Polished Porcelain as well as Travertine and limestone, whether you want to enhance the tiles colours or keep the tile as it is, we will have a product suitable.

If Natural Stones are not protected by a sealer, they will eventually stain and/or discolour, it is inevitable. The more porous the material, the more likely the tile will be stained, as well as the more sealant it will take to be protected. Unpolished Limestone’s and Travertine’s are much more porous than polished variants and materials such as marble and porcelain, so need a different product and more coats of application.

Protecting your tiles, During and after the tiles are laid with adhesive, the surface should be checked for remnant adhesive and dust, and should be removed before they have chance to set into the tiles. Areas that are to be sealed must be clear before sealing begins, as any dust or residues will become permanently sealed into the tile if they are not removed prior to application. We recommend using one of our Fila cleaning products to clean the tiles surface of all dirt before sealing, the product best suited to the natural stone you are sealing will be found in the related products section on the tiles listing.

Grout Maintenance, We recommend use of Maxi Hygienic Granfix Grout. Additives are available to ensure the grout is at the correct flexibility for any substrate. The manufacturer’s instructions are always to be followed and can be found on the back of all bags. Grout should be applied over all joints to make sure there are no spaces to let water in. See the How to Tile section for more information on Grouting. Over time, Grout may discolour, especially with the lighter coloured grouts. This can be prevented by using a Grout sealer, we have one in stock called Fila Fugaproof, this is simply painted onto the tile joints, excess is to be removed from the tiles surface, once dried your joints are sealed.

Keeping the look is hard over time, Grime and dust builds up, and sealants slowly wear off, how fast this happens is dependant on foot traffic and the conditions within the room. We have many products to maintain and clean natural stone tiles, take a look in “Accessories > Tile Maintenance” for a full list.