Fix Mosaics

Prepare the Wall; make sure it is a dry, smooth and clean. Prime it with an acrylic priming agent, or PVA solution to seal in any dust and provide a tacky base for the adhesive to stick to.

If you are using a small amount of mosaic as a border or feature, normal wall adhesive will be fine, but if using them to tile showers, or complete walls and splash backs, we highly recommend use of a superior adhesive, for example, our Multifix Adhesive.

Apply adhesive to the wall, with a 6mm notched trowel, making sure it is an even spreading. Press the mosaic sheet into the adhesives combed surface, the square sheets should be fixed in a staggered brick pattern, making sure to allow for the grout joint to be the same size as the spacing’s in the mosaics. Use a rubber faced grout float to press on the face of the mosaic, which will embed the mosaic into the Adhesive. Be sure to clean off any excess adhesive off the mosaics surface as you go.

Mosaic Sheets can be cut by using a knife or sharp implement on the plastic mesh netting at the back of the mosaic. Individual mosaics can be cut using tile nippers.

Leave the mosaics to set as long as the adhesive instructions specify, but we would say to leave the floor 24 hours before grouting, this is to allow the adhesive to go off completely.

Mix the grout as per the bags instructions, being careful not to exceed the rate at which you can grout. Completely fill the joints with the grout, being sure to not leave any gaps. Also be aware that mosaic takes up a lot more grout.

More Cleaning and Waiting
As you grout, remove excess grout from the surface of the tile with a sponge or damp cloth, especially if the tiles are natural stone and the grout is dark, staining is a big danger In this case, be careful not to let it dry. When the grout dries, there is a residual mist left on the tiles surface, this is easily buffed off using a dry cloth or rag. We would suggest wearing a dust mask to prevent inhaling the grout residue.

We also recommend wearing some protective clothing, Gloves and Goggles would be recommended during the cutting and fixing of tiles, as well as when grouting.