Why choose tiles?

If you are planning home renovations there are numerous products to choose from to create the perfect home. So why choose tiles?

Tiles are an ideal choice for multiple applications throughout the home. They embody both style and practicality meaning you can create a room which does the job intended without ever needing to compromise on the finished look. Some of the benefits of using tiles include:

Ease of cleaning.
Tiles are easy to keep clean, which explains why people love them as a flooring option. In busy homes where mud is often brought in on shoes and spillages can lead to unsightly stains, however floor tiles only require a quick wipe over with  a mop to keep them looking fresh and clean. Wall tiles are just as easy to keep clean, when cooking or showering may leave greasy marks on the tiles, just wipe away.

Hard Wearing
Tiles are innately hard wearing thanks to a winning combination of the raw materials used and the manufacturing process. They can be used in high traffic areas and withstand constant footfall without becoming damaged. This makes them a practical option for homes. While we all want our homes to look good, it is so important to create somewhere that can be lived in well. Tiles allow you to do both. Tiles are also  water resistant, making them great choices for kitchens and bathrooms.

A vast array of tiles are available on the market and here at Tile Choice we aim to provide a selection of the best the industry has to offer. With tiles to suit every project you can incorporate your personal sense of style into the home effortlessly. No matter if you are looking for an on trend look to wow, or a tried and tested classic, the right tile for you is out there.

Add a sense of luxury
Underfloor heating systems have changed rapidly in recent years making them an affordable option to heat the home from the ground up. Underfloor heating gives an opulent feel to any home, without spending big money.


Tile Choice make shopping for tiles easier than ever. If you are struggling to decide on the best tile for your project we offer a tile sample service. Each tile in our online store gives you the option to order a FREE 10cmX10cm sample or pay for a single full tile. This allows you to see the tile up close, compare colours, texture and finish. By ordering samples you can test the tiles you are interested in, see them in position and let your imagination do the rest.