Underfloor heating, heat and luxury in one simple system.

Here at Tile Choice we supply the perfect way to heat your home. Underfloor heating, heat and luxury in one simple system. Many home owners are now opting to install these systems which can be laid underneath a number of flooring types and provides an alternate heat source to the standard central heating systems we are used to seeing.

Say goodbye to hot spots near radiators and parts of the room remaining cold. With a gentle heat distributed across the whole floor these systems create a cosy feel throughout the entire room as heat rises up from the floor. Underfloor heating underneath tiles adds a particularly luxurious feel to the home as you feel the warmth underfoot.

We supply a large selection of Underfloor heating, including products from Warmup the leading supplier in electrical underfloor heating systems.

Innovations in modern technology mean that some thermostats can now be fully programmable, allowing you to create personalised heating programs to fit your lifestyle. For example if you know you get up and head to the shower at 6am you can ensure your bathroom floor is beautifully warm by then. These thermostats also come in a gorgeous range of colours to suit all interiors, meaning you never have to compromise on style.