Top tips for all your tiling needs

Visit the advice section of our website to read our top tips for all your tiling needs. We understand many of our customer decide to have a go at fixing their own tiles. However if you have never tiled before we’re sure you will have some questions. These should be answered before you begin. We have carefully developed the How To Tips area of our website to cover all of the areas we are most frequently asked about. It’s highly recommended you have a read through it before beginning on any tiling project.

What will I find there?

Areas we have covered are:

  • Fixing floor tiles
  • Fixing wall tiles
  • Fixing mosaics
  • Tile Maintenance
  • Uneven floors
  • Underfloor heating

You will find basic guidance on all areas of tiling with helpful videos included too. Reading this section should give you an idea of any accessories of extras you might need to purchase to make a successful job of fitting your new tiles. The Tile maintenance section will point you in the right direction to products we recommend for keeping your tiles and grout looking their absolute best.

I’m still unsure of something!

If after reading through our top tips you are still unsure of something and have further questions then do not hesitate to contact us. Our staff are experienced in the tile industry and are all fully trained on the products which can help you do the best job possible.