Timeless Black and White.

With interiors, colours tend to have their day and what is fashionable at one point seems to date relatively quickly. However the same cannot be said for black and white. A staple interior look which remains elegant and timeless.

Black, white or a combination of the two can be used to create such a wide variety of overall looks that it is hardly surprising they have remained firm favourites for our customers. Whether you are looking to create a sleek modern look in the home, or trying to recreate looks from yesteryear with a retro vibe you can do this with black and white.

The classic checkerboard pattern can be created using our Chess range. With both black and white available use one or both to design your wall or floor.

White polished porcelain tiles are ideal for creating a bright space, where light is reflected around the room invoking a feeling of openness and calm.

The Phoenix range of brick effect tiles effortlessly bring the industrial trend into your home. Shown here in black and white with unique placement. Perfect if you want something a little different. The ideal statement look for a social hub like the kitchen.

Monochrome patterned wall tiles such as the Le Mans tile are the ultimate combination of modern and retro. Taking a number of geometric patterns to create a range which is sure to be a unique design feature in your home. Their monochromatic style keeps them up to date and means they easily compliment modern accessories and styling.

Hexagon tiles are big news right now and the Hive range comes in white, black and two grey options. Use any of the colours alone or combined for a look which really stands out. Super trendy, these little tiles really pack a punch when it comes to style.


The monochrome look shows no signs of dating any time soon, making it a safe option for your tiling projects. Ideal for bringing your home up to date with a look that you will love for years to come. Our website allows you to filter products by colour,  making it simple to view the vast selection of tiles we have which could create a similar look to the ones shown above.