Tile Trends for 2020

Introducing the tile trends set to be big news for 2020!

The internet is full of websites designed to inspire your home renovation projects. However with so many images out there is it hard to narrow down the core current trends. This list will aim to do just that for you, in relation to the tile industry. There are both new tile trends on the horizon this year, with a few old favourites hanging on to their place in the top trends seen in tiled interiors.

3D Texture

Texture is one of the biggest new trends we are seeing for the year ahead. A great way for creating visually interesting spaces. 3D tiles add depth to a room and can become a real focal point. In the past texture like this may have been introduced using stacked stone or slate tiles. However new innovations in the manufacturing industry mean 3D tiles are being produced made form materials such as porcelain. Thus making them hardwearing in the busiest of homes.

Our Split Face range of porcelain wall tiles are particularly good form of adding texture. These multi-thickness stone effect porcelain tiles can be used in applications throughout the home, and complement modern and rustic design schemes well.


On Trend Patterns

Decorative wall and floor tiles adorned with beautiful patterns are huge in the world of interior design right now. These tiles are available in many styles including Vintage, Victorian, Rustic, Moroccan etc. While in years gone by you would have seen intricate patterns like these on hand painted tiles, they would have come at a significant cost. The modern day alternative are affordable to all, making them a staple in current tile trends. They are much loved due to their ability to transform the feel of a space instantly. Using patterned tiles can create a real focal point and set the tone of a room.

People are getting increasingly creative with their use of patterned tiles with them being used on both walls and floors. Intricate designs are being combined with super modern interiors in a contrast which works really well. This is a trend you are sure to find in the pages of interior design magazines!

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles have a huge part in historical tiling, with glass being used to create wall murales as far back as 2500 BC. However early glass tile use would have been confined to the very wealthy, when decorative elements such as this were a symbol of wealth. Largely due to the time and skill it would have taken to create such wonderful designs. However the modern day mosaic took this love for glass tiles and transformed it into something attainable in all homes. Using modern day manufacturing processes mosaic tiles had a real boom in popularity over the past 30 or so years.

This current trend takes that even further, with glass tiles evolving from the mosaic image we have in our mind to something a little more creative. With shapes such as hexagons replacing the standard small square mosaic. Mosaics themselves do not only include glass with other materials such as stone and metal being used too.

We have starting seeing lots of products made from recycled glass. Ticking the eco-friendly box as well as visually exciting. Our Sennen range is made up of 98% recycled materials and comes in 3 different colours.

Subway Tile

Subway style tiles still remain exceptionally popular. Originally designed for subway stations in the 1900’s this style has seen a return to popularity. This time however it is favoured for use in home interiors. Brick like in shape with multiple size and colour options they ensure something is available to suit every design scheme. From neutrals to bold the range of colours provided allows for an expression of personal style in the home. Take a look at our Biselado range today and discover the multitude of colour options.

They were traditionally used in a horizontal format, however the use of herringbone layout and more unique design formats has updated this looks and helped it to remain a firm favourite.

Wood Effect

Wood effect tiles have remained a solid staple in the tiling industry for some years now. This has much to do with their versatility. They compliment a range of different style homes including rustic and contemporary. While they have long been used as imitation wooden flooring, we are seeing more innovative uses throughout homes. Wood effect feature panels and walls are very much a trend now. With some ranges having a 3D effect, they tie in nicely to another key trend.

The consistent popularity of such tiles has lead to an increase of styles being produced. There are now more unconventional colours available, including greys which work well in a modern design scheme. Gloss finish wood effect tiles, as seen in here in our Summer range, add another twist to this ever popular look, while creating a sophisticated look for the contemporary home.

Stone and Stone Effect

Natural stone tiles have a classic look about them which has been much loved for many years. Ideal for creating a luxurious feel, perfect for the bathroom. However as the years have gone by manufacturers have spotted a gap in the market for stone imitation tiles. With all the beauty of their natural counter parts but using porcelain or ceramic tiles for their durability and practicality.

Take the example of marble. A timeless look which will always have a place in interior design. However real marble can be extremely costly not just to buy but also to maintain this where a Marble  imitation tile like our Perugia Blanco Gloss offer an affordable option without compromising on style and the overall look.