Realistic wood look tiles are a huge hit.

We find that realistic wood look tiles are huge hit with our customers. This is down to the fact that they effortlessly recreate the look of traditional wooden flooring without any of the maintenance requirements.

The wood look is also extremely versatile an

d lends itself to a number of different décor styles. While wood effect tiles can add rustic charm to a room, they also work well alongside more contemporary design schemes. They can remain fairly neutral in a r

oom or become a real feature. More than ever before people are experimenting with wall panels and different ways to use them as a statement piece in the home.

Grove Range

One particularly beautiful range in the Grove range. Small in side these parquet effect tiles have been produced to the highest standards using new printing technology, meaning you would struggle to tell the difference between these tiles and real parquet flooring.

Smaller in size than some wood effect tile ranges, they are easy to fit in a number of locations throughout the home including hallways and stairs. However they need not be limited to these areas. Wood effect floors or walls can be stunning all over the home. Bathrooms, bedrooms, lounges, kitchens, dining rooms or even home gyms. It is this versatility that has seen the vast increase in popularity of the wood effect tile. Allowing you to take this stunning look anywhere in the home. Safe in the knowledge that these high quality porcelain tiles are going to remain looking fantastic for years to come, even in the busiest of homes.

There are four colours available in this range, allowing you to create the perfect space within your home.

We also have a number of other wood effect tile ranges, why not take  look and see the sheer variety in size, colour and finish available.