Modern Mosaics.


Here at Tile Choice we have a vast selection of modern mosaics. We work hard to source the best products and this is no different for our mosaic range. With high quality mosaics which provide a modern update to the age old process of mosaic tiling.

What is a mosaic?

A mosaic is defined as a piece of art made from the assembling of small pieces of stone, glass or other materials. They have been used in decorative art and as interior décor worldwide throughout history. With the use of mosaic patterns becoming widespread in classical times both in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. As with many art forms their roots are heavily intertwined with religion and religious buildings.

1280px-Masada_Byzantine_Church_floor_mosaic_by_David_ShankboneAbove is an example of a church floor found in Israel. Thought to have been created by a community living there around the 5th century. Using small pieces of stone to create ornate designs served as a great alternative to plain stone floors. Showing the buildings importance with a grand statement, while still being practical.

_The_good_Shepherd__mosaic_-_Mausoleum_of_Galla_PlacidiaThis image is from a Mausoleum in Ravenna, Italy. The scene depicts The Good Shepherd, and it is a great example how small pieces of glass, stone and ceramics gave artists the freedom to decorate in a long lasting medium .

The Modern Mosaic

However in recent years mosaics have become increasingly popular in the contemporary home. Used for all sorts of applications to add personal style and flair into a variety of rooms. In response to this trend the tile manufacturing industry has produced innovative sheet mosaics which contain a number of small pieces laid out together in a set pattern. This allows to ease of fitting in any space.

Our mosaic range includes a comprehensive selection of materials including stone, glass, ceramic, porcelain, metal and combinations of all. With such a selection you can be sure you’ll find the perfect choice for injecting your personal style into the home.

The use of mosaics in the modern home draws significant parallels to their classical uses. Still very much a way of creating beautiful designs to showcase personal style where high quality and durable materials mean they can be used for walls and floors, much as they always were. Choose to either use them for entire floors or walls, as a practical alternative to full tiles or to create smaller design features. They make it effortless to create stunning focal points in any space with maybe a backsplash, a small panel or a border.

montrose mosaic tc

A mixed glass and chrome mosaic makes a stunning backsplash here, the perfect decorative accent in a contemporary kitchen.

sabik silver black mosaic tc

Above is an innovative metal mosaic. Round ceramic tiles covered in brushed metal create a ultra modern look. Panels like this are very popular particularly in bathrooms to break up an otherwise plain wall of tiles, providing a focal point and adding the wow factor.

shore crema mosaic tcAbove is Shore Crema, one of many natural stone mosaics. Stone mosaics are reminiscent of their classical predecessors and are just as eye catching as they would have been all those years ago. Why not add a sense of history into your home with your very own natural stone mosaic feature wall?

We recommend that grout sealer is used alongside mosaics as there are so many grout joints, this will keep them looking their best for longer. We have a full range of tile maintenance products in our online store.

With such a wide variety of options available you can really use your imagination and let mosaics play a part in creating unique spaces within your home.