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Warmup Underfloor Heating

Warmup Underfloor Heating

Warmup is one of the most recognised brands throughout the world for underfloor heating. Their reputation is second to none and their service is just as good. Tile Choice has been selling Warmup because we believe in their philosophy which is the 4 B's, Best service, Best guarantees, Best product, Best information. This makes it easy for sales staff to sell because the product sells itself. Warmup has a wide range of underfloor heating products such as; Underfloor Heating Matts 150w & 200w, Loose Wire Heating System, Foil Heating System. All kits have their own purpose which is described on each of the products. If you are still unsure about which Warmup kit to choose please contact us and one of our friendly staff will go through it with you.

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