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Matting System

The Warmup underfloor heating matting system is a quick and easy way of heating up your desired floor,the matting is normally 0.50m wide in a continuous roll, anyone can install the matt in there home but an electrician is always recommended to install the thermostat and to test that it works fine before applying tiles on top. The electrical cable is attached to a real tough mesh which can be cut around the edges and when going around obstacles, but you must avoid cutting the wire. We know that installing underfloor heating can be tricky that is why Warmup PLC have got 24 hour support to answer general question, maybe before you purchase and even after service. The 200w matt will heat up more quickly than the 150w so this why why some people will choose the 200w who wants to wait for a warm floor when its cold. The temperate of the matt is determined by the controller and can be used with, ceramic, porcelain, natural stone tiles.

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