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Tile Ranges

At Tile Choice we have a vast array of different tile ranges, many of them have various different colours within them, some also have border tiles and other decorative features available to have, that are perfectly sized and match perfectly to the style the range strives for. With the multiple colour ranges such as the Brillo Brick tile range which comes in four different colours and shaded tile ranges, aswell as the use of borders and décor tiles, you can come up with some interesting and unique designs for your bathroom and kitchen walls, and allows for a lot of individuality.

We are pretty confident at Tile Choice that you will find the Wall or Floor Tile of you dream!!

Apeadero Tile Range  Annabella Tile Range  Andes Tile Range

Ark Tile Range  Attic Tile Range  Borneo Tile Range

Biselado Tile Range  Bravo Tile Range  Brillo Tile Range

Boutique Tile Range  15x7.5cm BuckinghamTile Range  60x25cm Buckingham Tile Range

Bumpy White Tile Range  Cask Tile Range  Cappuccino Tile Range

Chicago Tile Range  Chima Tile Range  Coppice Tile Range

Dakar Tile Range  Denver Tile Range  Earth Tile Range

Elegance Tile Range  Erica Tile Range  Flor Tile Range

Forest Tile Range  Fusion Tile Range  Grandeur Tile Range

Galore Tile Range  Gusto Tile Range  Hollyrood Tile Range

Ikon Tile Range  Liche Tile Range  Mantle Tile Range

Mayfair Tile Range  Metallico Tile Range  Milan Tile Range

Modica Tile Range  Monte Carlo Tile Range  Mood Tile Range

Municiple Tile Range  Mythology Tile Range  Mineral Tile Range

New Forest Tile Range  Orleans Tile Range  Outland Tile Range

Palma Tile Range  Pianeta Tile Range  Potenza Tile Range

Province Tile Range  Pulsar Tile Range  Quartz Tile Range

Rockwood Tile Range  Salonica Tile Range  Savanna Tile Range

Senator Tile Range  Serenity Tile Range  Slatstone Tile Range

Titan Tile Range  Traverse Tile Range  Vecchio Italiano Tile Range

Vinci Tile Range  Whiskey Tile Range  Woodlands Tile Range