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Texture, Texture, Texture

Think interior design is all about what you see? Think again. Texture is just as important when it comes to putting together a scheme. But how many people make conscious decisions about the texture of their tiles when designing a space? Texture works on a number of levels, from creating comforting, evoking experiences to giving a room visual depth. After all, as human beings our sense of touch is extraordinarily sophisticated.

Why have flat surfaces in your scheme when you can adorn them with life – and of course we are referring to tiles. Many homeowners are opting for tiles with texture, and not just for walls. Textured tiles possess soft undulating, rivened or hammered surfaces – all of which are perfect for the kitchen and bathroom floor as they add practicality along with safety.

Textured tiles are an excellent option for those who want to add interest to their scheme but aren’t eager on using colour. There are many textured tiles that are readily available in neutral shades, such as cream, white and grey. Many homeowners favour neutral shades as they are timeless and they are the perfect backdrop for accessories – allowing you to swap as your tastes change. By adding detail through texture rather than colour, you can still create an exciting and chic edge.

Another way to incorporate texture into your design scheme is to create a feature wall. Split Face tiles are ideal for this, as they offer a three-dimensional appearance and appeal too many who are looking for something a little different. Use around fireplaces to create profile or transform a lounge into a work of art.

Also, travertine is a surefire way to add texture to your scheme. The natural pits and voids that vary within the tiles are simply stunning. It is a characterful choice, but be aware of its drawbacks in terms of staining as most natural stone tiles need sealing. Travertine is a natural product, so it’s unique, with no two tiles ever the same – ideal for those who wish to add a distinctive touch to their scheme.