50 Shades Of Grey

Go back a few years, and many of us viewed the colour grey as cold and severe. It was not a shade that we would use in our homes on so much as a cushion. As for tiling an entire bathroom top-to-toe in the colour, that would have been an interior design suicide. But times have changed and today, with a vast range of grey tiles to choose from, this colour has become sophisticated, stylish and versatile.

When used with the right balance of furniture and accessories, this colour can help create a smart and sleek, pretty and elegant or dramatic and daring interior. Grey, to say the least is definitely the new off-white and this on-trend colour works in every room of the house – including the hallway and living room. Grey is effortlessly slick, smart and sophisticated — the three key ingredients needed to create a fashionable interior.

Nowadays, you will even find this colour being used in rooms such as the bedroom – not the room you would expect to find this colour right? Well, we can assure you it looks anything but dull and boring. Many homeowners are installing polished grey tiles throughout their homes – including in conservatories. As you may know, polished floor tiles help light bounce around an interior – rather than matt tiles which absorbs it.

You can never have too much grey, even in the modern day kitchen. It is neutral, classic and will work amazingly well with both bold and pale units. Often popular and used as a splashback are Biselado and Antique, this is because they have very simple designs that will add a classic touch to a modern kitchen. Like any neutral grey can wash out a room, but get it right in your kitchen and you’ll see why grey is the current colour trend.

Thought grey was too cold for bathrooms? Never! Grey can be a really soothing shade when paired with the right hues. Most palettes work well with grey but, stick to one or two colours for a considered, designer scheme. Consider combining different shades of grey to create a calming effect – when used with bright furniture and accessories, it will be sure to pack a punch.





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